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 SHARON Y. HOSAKA, D.P.M.  Background

Dr. Sharon Hosaka has been a podiatrist in private practice in San Francisco, CA, for over 30 years.  As a native San Franciscan, she has been a proud provider to the podiatric public since completing training.

Dr. Hosaka originally came to podiatry as a recreational runner interested in treating sports injuries.  At that time, podiatry was unique in understanding the mechanics of running and evaluating the structural imbalances leading to common overuse injuries, and treating them successfully with foot supports (orthotics).  She now continues with a general podiatric practice, treating the broad variety of foot ailments that occur in our community.  Heel pain, corns and callouses, and ingrown toenails continue to be some of the most common conditions seen.

"My purpose is to help others gain the resolution of their foot-related problems.  I consider the patient's concerns and circumstances, and using my professional expertise, we create an optimal plan for solution.  I aim to help everyone be as active as they want to be without having any attention on any foot problems."

We currently share the medical office with other health practitioners, including another podiatrist, two chiropractors, a Chinese medicine and alternative functional medicine specialist, and a health/weight-loss coach:


Mark Heslip, D.C.

D. Gabrielle LeCompte, L.Ac., M.D.

Andrew Stewart, D.C.

Andrew Harrison, D.P.M.

Sandi Rocco, SF Fat Loss




Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, Vallejo, CA:   2nd year podiatric surgical residency,  1982.

California Podiatry Hospital, San Francisco, CA:   1st year podiatric surgical residency, 1981.

California College of Podiatric Medicine:   D.P.M.,  1980.

University of California, Berkeley:  B.A. Biochemistry,  1975.  Go BEARS!

(George Washington High School,  San Francisco, CA,  1971!)  Go Eagles!