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Other appointment times

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1-(415) 421-3630


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Dr. Sharon Hosaka is a PPO provider for:

        Anthem Blue Cross (of California) (though NOT Covered California)
        Blue Shield of California
        All other Blue Cross or Blue Shields
        United Healthcare

Dr. Hosaka is not a provider for any HMO groups (e.g., Brown & Toland, Hill Physicians)

Dr. Hosaka is not a network provider for Aetna or CIGNA. Depending on your plan, out-of-network providers are treated in different ways. In most cases, out-of-network services are applied to a separate deductible.


NOTE:   All insurance plans are individual, with different coverages, percentage copayments and annual deductibles.  These are agreements between the insurance company and the patient or patient's employer.  As a provider for the above companies, Dr. Hosaka accepts the fee schedules set up by the insurance companies, and will submit claims for services to the insurances.  The patient is responsible for paying the copayments and unmet deductibles, and for uncovered items or services.

As a convenience to our patients, we can submit claims as an out-of network provider to other insurances.


Credit Cards

Discover, Mastercard, Visa and American Express are accepted, including debit cards, as well as Cash and Checks.